“Why would you choose to do this?”

It’s a question Albert has gotten before: Why would you choose to teach in the inner city, in the “worst” schools with the “worst” kids? Why take on the legendary Miami-Dade County bureaucracy to build the greenest house around? Why run for office in this town?

The answer is always the same. “It’s work that needs to be done. And I can do it.”

Albert’s impressive roster of accomplishments add up to a lifetime of service, as a teacher, businessman and citizen activist. Serving on the county commission is the logical next step.

25 Years of Teaching Experience:

Taught in the public schools of South Central Los Angeles,
    Watts, Overtown, Liberty City, Allapattah, Coral Gables,

    Kendall & Goulds.

Worked in the Juvenile Court system of Los Angeles County,

    teaching incarcerated youth.

Earned a Master Teacher Fellowship from the

    State of Florida.

Presently teaches a Master Class in software design to

    professionals around the world.

16 Years of Business Experience:

Founded a small business in 1994, whose clients include Harvard University, The New York Public Library, and small and large businesses on three continents.

Trustee of Chamber South, as partner in the mediation firm of Harum & Harum ADR.

Awards for Community Service:

Sierra Club Miami Group, for fighting sprawl and defending

    the Urban Development Boundary.

Community Service grant recipient from Commissioner Katy

    Sorenson, for the Kenwoods Hammock.

Outstanding Community Service award from Dade Heritage

    Trust, for promoting South Florida’s architectural heritage.

Orchid award from the Urban Environment League of Miami,

    for environmental achievement.

Community Organizations:

PTA: Kenwoods Hammock Committee

ChamberSouth Trustee

Catholic Church Ministries

Habitat for Humanity: Liberty City construction project

Mayor’s Climate Change Task Force

Continental Park Homeowners’ Association

Dice House Coalition

East Kendall Incorporation Committee (MAC)

Florida Bar Grievance Committee

Kendall Public Space Committee

Downtown Kendall Steering Committee

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Kendall Transit Corridor Studies

Board Member, Urban Environment League

Family History in Miami-Dade:

Albert has been married to dancer and schoolteacher
Enid Harum-Alvarez for 23 years. They have three children.

Albert was born in Miami, and his family has lived in the same Kendall neighborhood since he was one year old. Albert’s mother Jean M. Harum still lives in the house where Albert was raised, a half mile from where the Harum-Alvarez family built their new home.

Albert’s father Al Harum was a judge and attorney in Miami. Jean and Al were founding members of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church.

The Harums have lived in Dade County since 1936. Albert’s great-grandmother and great-grandfather were caretakers of the Matheson coconut plantation on Key Biscayne, and his great-grandfather Richard Nesbitt developed the Nesbitt avocado variety, still grown in the Redland.







Room 2 at Kenwood School:
Albert’s classroom in 4th grade — and his daughter’s classroom 
31 years later!
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