“Today, Miami-Dade is our nation’s most dynamic and inspiring expression of the American Dream. County government needs to:

  1. 1.Support the dreams of its citizens,
    not smother them;

  2. 2.Invest our resources,
    not squander them; and finally,

  3. 3.Celebrate our differences,
    not aggravate them.

It’s time for a better county commission—and a county government that is worthy of this community.”







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August 25th, the day after Election Day.

To my family, my friends and neighbors, to the people who entrusted me with their vote, and to the team of campaigners and volunteers who put their labor and their hearts on the line for this campaign—and for me:


I could not feel more blessed and more honored than I do today. The fact that you did all that you did, in an effort that did not result in a win, only underscores the strength of your friendship and your support. There has never been a time in my life when I felt more uplifted, more a part of a caring community, than I do today. The closest experience I can remember is the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew—yet that was a case of a community coming together to help one another, while in this case I am the one who asked for—and received—the help, from all of you.

After Andrew, we saw the worst come out in people, but the best won out. We put our community back together again, stronger than it was, if only for the efforts we expended on each other’s behalf. It’s the same for me today. I can say that a candidate for public office gets to experience first-hand some truly unfortunate treatment. But for me, because of all of you and your love and support, it’s been an experience I will never regret and will always treasure. I’m certainly stronger than I was, and I feel that my understanding of my community and this world is in clearer and sharper focus than it has ever been.

I remember the summer I started working as a laborer on construction sites. I worked with eyeglasses for the first week, until it became clear that unless I installed windshield wipers on them, the sweat-beaded lenses were going to make it impossible for me to work. My dad invested in a pair of contact lenses for me, and—quite literally—new vistas opened.

Today I see with new eyes, and I realize why politicians always start speeches by thanking their family and end by thanking God. There is nothing like running for office to see just how blessed you are.

Good morning!

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Albert and his family have already made a dream come true. The home they built in Kendall is one of the greenest in South Florida, with energy bills 75% lower than comparable houses.

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Pol. adv.  pd. for & approved by Albert Harum-Alvarez for Miami-Dade County Commission District 8

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, August 24th!

County Commission seats are nonpartisan, and so all voters may vote on the 24th. The first election day is final if one candidate gains a simple majority. If not, the runoff race will be held on November 2nd.

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